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NH 55 Timascus

We hope you enjoy our entry into the Louis Vuitton watch prize for independent creatives

Timascus- a love affair

In May of 2019, our small team saw the incredible potential of Timascus as a material that could be incorporated into watchmaking. Since then we have been experimenting with the material and now, after nearly 4 years of work, we've made a creation that we are proud to release to the world.


Timascus guilloche

Since the beginning of the ideation process, incorporating our Curl Curl guilloche pattern into the Timascus dial was our key and singluar goal. This is a horoligcal first - no watchmaker has ever manufactured a Timascus guilloche dial! 

No two watches the same

The pattern on the dial is a function of the organic grain in the Timascus material. Each Timascus billet is hand forged resulting in a unique and non-replicable grain through the material. 

The color of the dial is determined by a proprietary anodisation process that is basically controlled chaos. The smallest variances in the anodisation process need to be monitored- the temperature of the material, the concentration of the solutions, the cleanliness of the parts and even the humidity of the room can all have very large effects on the color, vibrancy and texture of the anodisation.

Because of the grain/pattern of the material and the anodisation process- no two dials, and therefore no two watches will ever be the same. 


Louis Vuitton

The NH 55 1-126 in a gold anodisation scheme was entered into the Louis Vuitton watch prize for independent creatives in May of 2023. The watch was specifically prepared for the competition within a very short time frame, but at the same time is the apex of our capabilities and skills in watchmaking. 

The watch has the highest Australian manufactured content in the horological history of the country. The entire case, dial and hands as well as a very large percentage of the movement is manufactured and decorated in-house.

What's next?

We are currently working on a collection of 10 NH 55 timepieces. These watches will be a showcase of all the colors, patterns and textures of Timascus.

Our goal is to have these watches completed by Dec 2023.

If you are interested in learning more about the collection, get in touch.

If you are interest



Tech specs


- 41.5mm 3 piece grade 5 titanium case with display caseback.

- 11mm thickness (including domed crystal, 9mm excluding)

- 50mm lug to lug

- 20mm lug width

- 100m water resistance 

Dial + hands:
- Timascus base dial with grade 5 titanium applied indicies and nameplate. Batons with faceting and feathered finish

- Curl Curl guilloche centre dial and sub dial. 

- Pad printed minute track, signed AUSTRALIA

- Monolithic grade 5 titanium hands 

- Manual wind, 40 hour power reserve, time only movement. 

- Timascus mainplate, 3/4 bridge, balance cock and crown wheel core - in a matched anodisation color scheme

- Grade 5 titanium screws and pallet bridge

- Based on ETA 6498 oscillator and going train architecture

- 18,000 bph, regulated in 6 positions.

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