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Thank you for your support, the first production series of the NH3 has been sold out. If you are interested in our next watches, shoot us an email.

The journey until now

A quick overview: a few years ago, our journey started with our 'rebelde' project—the creation of a small Australian watch brand. The second phase of this project was the desire to design and make watch components in Australia, which began with NH1—the first watch to be "Manufactured in Australia". This was then followed by our NH2—an exotic Timascus watch mechanism. While the NH3 follows the same blueprint, it contains even more components manufactured 'in house', including a newly-developed in-house guilloche titanium dial and titanium hands. 

NH3 Teaser_edited.jpg

What else is new?

A new dial and hands are the most obvious feature of the NH3. In addition, it contains numerous components developed and machined in our workshop, especially those in the winding system. All these components required us developing and manufacturing fixtures, jigs and holding tools in-house, as well as the mastery of unique processes like gear hobbing, tooth polishing and gold plating, to name just a few.

What makes the NH3 so special?

Titanium guilloche as well as internal timascus parts are not just a first in Australia, but at this point in time, to our knowledge, no other watchmaker—small or large—offers such a special 'treat' to watch collectors and enthusiasts. It is also the culmination of years of research and development, or as we like to say: this is our best, most independent watch to date.


Taking orders now.

As of August 1, 2021, we have our first, fully working NH3 watch. We are very close to finalising our design, and the mainplates and bridges are already in production. The first watches from the initial batch of 25 are expected to be ready for delivery in three months, with the final pieces reaching their new owners by Christmas.

Technical specifications

The NH3 features a brass/gold-plated movement, manual winding, and a Timascus crown wheel 'hat'. Hand-polished screws and components are featured in the winding section. It also boasts a guilloche titanium dial and titanium hands, titanium case with see-through case back, and sapphire crystal. Case size: 45mm. Lug-to-lug width: 55mm. The watch comes with a black and brown croco/calf leather straps. Water resistant to 10bar.  Power reserve 36 hours.

While creating a custom guilloche pattern and hands style is a possibility, our goal is to offer the NH3 at a very attractive price. However, should you wish to have a custom guilloche dial, custom hands or hands/indices in a colour other than blue, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements. If you prefer to have the mechanism finished with rhodium rather than gold, the additional rhodium plating process would cost A$500 per watch.  Please keep in mind that custom watches will require full payment upfront and will be subject to additional manufacturing and assembly time.


Ready to order?

The first 25 watches of the NH3 have been sold out. Thank you to all our patrons for your business!

If you are interested in our next series of watches, please get in contact. You can send us an email at

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