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Timascus® is a 3 part titanium composite, combining Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 5 titanium through a vacuum forging process to create a non-homogenous laminate. Our Timascus® is sourced from a sole supplier in the US who we have partnered with to create the most vibrant patterns to be used in our watch components.


Every NH2 is completely unique in pattern and in colour. Through extensive research and development, we have created a unique process to vibrantly and colourfully anodise our Timascus® pieces. The anodisation process is more art than science, with the smallest changes in temperature, humidity, chemical concentration and voltage influencing the final result. We apply the colours to the material using electricity after machining and hand-finishing.

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Manufactured in Australia

At NHW we make less than 50 NH2 watches per year. Each watch is manufactured individually—there is no production line, no robot automating hundreds of parts. Each watch component is carefully CNC machined, deburred, polished and anodised before being assembled, tested and cased.

Three quarter bridge 

The see-through case back allows us to put our hand-finished 3/4 bridge—the centrepiece of our movement—proudly on display. The chamfers are hand-polished, in what the Swiss call "anglage", the jewel holes are gently rounded by hand, and the top surface is lapped to a mirror finish. All functional surfaces are deburred by hand and micro glass-bead blasted for a frosted finish.



Our Timascus® mainplate is the most challenging component to manufacture from a technical standpoint. There are over 50 dimensions that need to be inspected and held within a tolerance, sometimes as tight as +/- 3 micron! In an alloy that holds a massive amount of internal stress and unpredictability, this is a feat of modern, cutting-edge engineering.

Final Assembly

After hand finishing and pre-assembly, the movement is fully assembled, oiled, and tested for two weeks to verify the timekeeping of the watch and break-in the movement under supervised conditions. In this step, we check for any manufacturing or hand-finishing defects before proudly delivering each watch to their new owner.

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